Junior Mounts

Porous Bronze Ball Units
The porous bronze bearing has an oil capacity of one-third of its volume and the oil is fed to shaft by self-metering capillary action. Additional lubrication is usually unnecessary in applications where these units are used, so no oil cups or grease fittings are needed. Porous bronze bearing units shown, but also available with UHMW-PE bearings.

150 Series Junior Pillow Block

150 pic

150 front view

150 side

150 top view

160 Series Junior Size Flange Side Mount

160 flange side mounts

two bolt flange side mounts



“170 Series” Center Flang-gee

This three bolt complete flang-gee bearing assembly shown has the same porous bronze bearing as the 150 and 160 Series.  The steel housing consists of two identical self-aligning 16 gauge flanges.  They are easily mounted in any position – horizontally, vertically, or at any angle.   Only three ¼” bolts are required to attach to frame. This unit is stronger than the above types but requires a frame opening so the assembly can protrude slightly thru the frame.

170 three bolt flange side mounts


  • SELF-ALIGNING – due to spherical construction of both the housing and bearing.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – just bolt them down.
  • RUST RESISTANT FINISH – zinc plating on steel parts is attractive and rust resistant.
  • IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT FROM STOCK – your order (large or small) will be shipped immediately.

Part Numbers: By Series, then Shaft Size

Series 150 Series 160 Series 170
160- 3/8
170- 3/8
160- 1/2
170- 1/2
160- 5/8
170- 5/8
160- 19/32
170- 19/32